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High school and college student teams are challenged to perform realistic missions in an underwater environment.

Spectators can watch student teams from around the world as they prepare their unique vehicles and put them to the test during the competition.

Live webcast of finals at Sunday, July 30, 1–5 p.m. PST

Questions? Call the SSC Pacific Public Affairs Office at 619-553-2717.

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National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) Executive Forum April 11, 2017

Brief: SSC Pacific Office of Small Business Programs.pdf
presented by Mark McLain, SSC Pacific Deputy Office of Small Business Programs
  • Small Business Achievements
  • DoD SBP & SBA Training Event

Brief: Intellectual Property Rights And The US Government.pdf
presented by Arthur K. Samora
Purpose of This Presentation:
  • To root out and eliminate FUD when doing business with the federal government.
  • Will discuss primarily computer software, but concepts apply to both technical data and computer software.

An agreement between one or more Federal labs and one or more
non-Federal parties to conduct specified research or development efforts consistent with lab mission(s).

Brief: Contracting for services during the civilian workforce hiring freeze.pdf
presented by Jacob P. Ward, Science & Technology Contracts Support Branch
DASN(AP) Memorandum of 16 February
Activities may proceed with contract and task order awards, including option exercises, if:
  • The contract was awarded prior to 23 January 2017;
  • The RFP was issued prior to 23 January 2017 and the RFP has not been amended after 23 January to increase the scope
  • The contract action is a routine administrative action,
    e.g. incremental funding...




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FY16 End of Year Brief

SSC Pacific Organizational Chart


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